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About Us

KETSCI is a market research technology company. We provide access to high quality audiences for Researchers. Businesses, organizations and individuals use our products to get answers to their questions from target audiences. Our promise is to increase automation, speed, and efficiency of market research by leveraging cutting edge technology. Mobile and web applications integrate our APIs for research, analytics, monetization, and also to reward users when they respond to questions by completing a survey.


Own Audience (Free)
Be plugged in to your customers voice continuously. Ask questions about their experience with your products and services from your own audiences on your website or in app. You may ask e.g. "Where can we improve?" or "Would you recommend us to others?" or any other questions. The answers are available on your fingertips in real time. Best of all, the basic features of this product are free. To get started contact us by email or use the form below.

General Target Audience
KETSCI reaches millions of users through a wide network of mobile and web apps. As a result, we get answers to questions quickly from target audiences. Currently we operate in USA, Canada and Australia. We ensure the highest sample quality by using modern technical solutions and perform a number of validation checks before allowing a user to take a survey. We have the capability to link directly to your existing online survey as well as to create and host a survey. We operate by using state-of-the-art security protocols to ensure data integrity at all times. Researchers can find out about feasibility of the project before starting. See our Panel Facts Sheet to learn more about our high quality and diverse community of panelists. Contact us by email or use the form below to partner with the KETSCI research network for your research projects.

Publish & Monetize

Any publisher of a Website or an App can become part of the KETSCI research network. Add a link to our inventory of surveys to earn additional revenue from users who visit your website or use your app. It is extremely easy to integrate our offers on any platform e.g. iOS, Android, Win, Web, etc. You will always be in full control of how and where your users interact and complete KETSCI surveys. A Publisher membership comes with your own Dashboard where you can monitor user completes in realtime and download activity reports. It takes a few minutes only to integrate our API in your code. Contact us by email or use the form below to become a publishing member of the KETSCI research network and start earning.

Take Surveys

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Join the KETSCI Panel. We pay within a week of your reaching 5 Points! We will notify you when new surveys with an opportunity to earn rewards are available.

For every survey you complete using the Donate link, KETSCI will contribute 50 cents to a charity to benefit needy children.

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