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About Us

KETSCI is a market research technology company. We provide high quality qualified audience to Researchers. Mobile and web developers integrate our API to monetize and reward their users everytime they complete a survey.

High Quality Sample for Research

KETSCI reaches millions of users through a wide network of mobile and web apps. We will get quick responses from your target audience. Currently we operate in the US, Canada and Australia. See our Panel Facts Sheet to learn about our high quality and diverse community of panelists.

Contact us to partner in your research project.

Monetization Opportunity for Developers

Earn additional revenue from users who visit your website or use your app. We are extremely flexible in the ways to integrate our offer on any platform e.g. iOS, ANDROID, Win, Web, etc. You will always be in full control of how and where your users interact and complete KETSCI surveys. It takes only a few minutes to integrate our API in your code. Contact us by email. You can start earning within a day or two.

We look forward to hearing from you!